Our Initiatives

GAA aims to achieve its pillars and strategic objectives to maximize the developmental impact of the Awqaf sector by launching 34
initiatives that include many development programs and projects that serve this purpose.These initiatives contribute to activating the  Authority’s main role in economic and social development. The Authority’s most prominent initiatives include:

  1. Drafting all systems, regulations, and policies required by the Authority and the Awqaf Sector tofulfill their roles.
  2. Developing compliance policies and standards and raising awareness regarding these policies.
  3. Developing programs and mechanisms for disclosure and governance.
  4. Developing the existing systems and regulations related to the Awqaf sector.
  5. Establishing and operating a national research center for endowment or Waqf studies.
  6. Improving the competency of the trustees (Nozaar).
  7. The Islamic endowment or Awqaf Excellence Award.
  8. Registering endowments or Waqfs inside and outside the Kingdom.
  9. Establishing Awqaf service centers.
  10. Offering a set of incentives for donors (Waqfeen).
  11. Establishing the Authority’s investment arm (Awqaf Investment Company).
  12. Developing NGOs in Awqaf sector.
  13. Setting and classifying donor (Waqfeen) conditions.
  14. Building development partnerships.
  15. Developing “smart systems” for Awqaf management.

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